About Us

Starting in Gaziantep in the last quarter of 2016, Anka Hospital aims to introduce Gaziantep and its surroundings with a new service concept by adopting a specialist physician staff, advanced medical technology, fully equipped diagnostic centers and multidisciplinary patient care approach.

With its fully equipped General Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, Operating Room, Delivery Room, the latest technology imaging center and laboratory unit with a bed capacity of 13000 sqm closed area of ​​13000 m², Anka Hospital has made it a principle to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level .


Our goal is to be a company that protects patient rights with our specialist physicians, creates patient satisfaction with our employees with güler face in the frame of medical ethics rules, keeps the patient and employee safety at the highest level and creates confidence with our latest technology and qualified employees. Our only goal is to serve you for your health.


To be a model health institution in our country and in our country by providing services according to European standards.


Protect Patient Rights
Patient and Employee Security Focused Service
Working with Scientific and Ethical Rules
Honesty, Reliability, Sincerity

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