Human Resources

Job application
Applications are received via the Internet.
Recruitment Process
The aim of the selection and placement practices is to include the candidates who can catch up with the institutional culture and to achieve sustainable success on this issue. It is aimed to make purchases to support the vision and mission of the Authority without discrimination in the selection placement process.
Priority criteria for recruitment; Depending on the position, sometimes technical knowledge and skills are gained at work, sometimes experienced and competent in the field are preferred.
Progressive Process
Human resources and department managers collaborate in the competency-based selection and placement process, which is structured to ensure candidates are placed in the right job. Human Resources na invites the candidate to the candidate by managing the preliminary evaluation process for those who will be evaluated via the internet. then the candidate is contacted with the department manager in order to evaluate the candidate’s professional knowledge. When the selection process is completed, the result is reported to the name. When the process is complete, the candidate is interviewed where he / she has worked. If the survey is positive, it is forwarded to the General Manager.

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