Patient Visitor and Accompanying Rules


  • The hospital administration permits the visiting hours between 10: 00-22: 00 on weekdays and 08: 00-22: 00 on weekends. It is necessary to obtain permission from the authorized persons to visit outside these hours.
  • If any items are brought in by visitors, they will not be allowed to be unavailable for services that are searched for on the basis of patient and employee safety.
  • Control of compliance with patient visit guidelines; service staff, hospital security officer and night manager.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not required to visit patients in order to avoid the risk of infection in our hospital and children being adversely affected.
  • For one patient, no more than one visitor is received at the same time, and patient visits should not be more than 15 minutes.
  • Anything should not be eaten and drunk at the beginning of the patient, no food should be given to the other patients in the same room, no food should be brought to the service.
  • Do not use patient-owned items for risk of acquiring infections, do not sit in patient beds, do not use patient areas / items such as towels and glasses
  • Wash hands before and after visit.
  • During the treatment and examination procedures of our patients, it is expected that they will take care of patient privacy by leaving the room.
  • If the visit of our patients is forbidden by the physician for medical reasons, the visit should not be insisted.
  • In order to protect our patients from infection, grounded flowers are not accepted in patient rooms. You can leave them out of the room.
  • It is strictly forbidden for our visitors to smoke within the closed area of ​​the hospital in the hospital garden and at least 10 meters from the hospital garden.
  • No noise should be made during the patient visit and should not be loud.
  • Medical devices belonging to the patient should not be touched.
  • If you have infectious diseases such as colds and colds, the visit to the patient is inconvenient.
  • You can leave your opinions and suggestions about the health facility in the “wish-complaint” boxes so that you can better serve your patients and their relatives.
  • At the end of the visiting hours, patient rooms should be abandoned without waiting for the staff’s warnings.


  • The companion has to carry the companion card as long as it remains in the hospital.
  • Each patient can have up to 1 companion, not more than one companion. The administration also needs to get permission.
  • It is decided that the companion is male or female depending on the condition of the patient and the service.
  • There is no companion practice in the Intensive Care Unit.
  • It is expected that your companion will comply with all the rules of the hospital.
  • The companion must place it in the closets in the room of the furniture they have brought.
  • The hospital is provided with your morning breakfast at 07:00, lunch at 12:00, dinner at 18:30.
  • The companion should use the companion seat reserved for them. In the event that there is no companion seat or if there is a companion seat in a 2-bed room, the necessary arrangements must be made by the responsible nurse in charge of the service.
  • It is expected that the care of the patient of the companion will only be of assistance to the extent permitted by the physician and the nurse.
  • It is forbidden for the companion to have any practice other than the knowledge of the doctors and nurses in terms of the safety of the patient.
  • Nursing education guidelines given to nurses must be followed. (Hand hygiene, falling risk education)
  • The companion should not enter the room outside his room.
  • The nurse should notify the companion in case of separation from his / her patient and changes in accompanying persons.
  • The companion should not have more money or valuable items beside the sick and self in terms of security.
  • In order to provide a peaceful environment for the patient, the companion should not make a loud noise or make a loud noise in the patient room and service corridors. In addition, the use of televisions in the room where the patient is staying, so as not to disturb others, must be closed at the doctor’s office hours and after 22.00 o’clock.
  • The companion should not take his patients out of the hospital or change his bed, except for the related physician or nurse.
  • The companion, the physician or the nurse must consult with the patient without any interference, food or drink.
  • The companion should not use tobacco or alcohol in the hospital.
    The companion should be careful to use the patient room, bathroom and toilets as cleanly as possible.
  • The companion should use the companion cards without paying the hospital meal services separately.
  • If you have any problems with the companion patient, you should inform the nurse immediately.
    It is necessary for the companion to obey the warnings and warning signs in the hospital and to inform the nurse in charge of the service if a technical problem is encountered.
  • If your companion is not in an emergency situation, the doctor should not leave your room at the time of the visit without notifying the hospital about the situation and getting information from the room.
  • If your companion asks you, your imam patient will be able to give you spiritual support.
  • If your partner uses a phone for emergency situations, the nurse in charge of the service must inform you if he needs to press the nurse call button
  • Accompanying person must not pay any units or staff other than hospital counselors
  • Accompanist should not accept help from people it does not know
  • It may be useful to leave your comments and suggestions about our hospital in the “wish-complaint” boxes so that we can better serve the patient’s and relatives’ feelings during the hospital stay of the companion.
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