Newborn Intensive Care


Experienced specialist doctor and nurse serve with the staff. Our aim is to bring infants who are born early or on time in good health.

24 hours specialist doctors and newborn nurses and the latest treatment methods are applied.

The TPN unit, which is established to provide the most suitable hygiene channels and the best doses in the feeding of newborn babies, is in our province.

Pediatric cardiology pediatric nephrology pediatric surgeon consultation of orthopedic neurosurgery is required when necessary.

Weekly chronically usg controls are performed in babies born less than 32 weeks and routine eye checks are performed from the 1st month onwards.

Our unit accepts babies from other hospitals besides our own hospital. We make the transfer with our own transpoart vaccine if necessary.

Cranial (head) usg transphontonel is routinely performed for all newborn infants for intracranial pressure and bleeding.

For all premature babies born at 33 weeks and below 2000 Gr or less, a ropail eye examination is performed after completing 28 days.

Unity Hardware

  • 10 openable beds
  • 23 standard incubators
  • 16 ventilators (Breathing apparatus)
  • 2 taransport incubator
  • 1 contact insulation chamber
  • 1 respiratory insulation chamber
  • 2 separate sections where mild and severely infected babies are seen
  • Monitor for each incubator
  • Breastfeeding and preparation room

Treatments and interventions applied in our unit

  • Total paranteral nutrition
  • Ventilator treatment
  • Umbilical artery and ven catheterization)
  • Central venous catheterization
  • Phototherapy (light therapy for infant infants)
  • Exchange ScanFusion
  • Surfactant application
  • Neopaf application (Newborn animation)
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