General Services

    • Cafeteria

    Our cafeteria on the ground floor is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can request a room service by phone.

    • Flower

    The flowers sent by your relatives can cause various infections and allergies with various microorganisms they carry. Besides flowers that you will set out of your room, earthquake and fire

    the patient can close the way out. Please be advised to bring flowers to the patient’s room due to the risks mentioned.

    • Security

    Our hospital provides the security of the patients with security personnel who are working 24/7. Our hospital is controlled by 110 closed loop system cameras.

    Your personal items, valuable documents and documents are your responsibility. Please take care not to separate them from your side.

For Appointment: 0342 329 27 27E-Appointment & E-Conclusion
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